The use of organic ingredients – produced here and in the region -, “mineiridade”, sophistication, and care in serving define our cuisine.


Yucca Restaurant offers creative cuisine with healthy, organic and vegetarian food, following the Garden-to-table food philosophy. An invitation to lovers of good gastronomy and to those who see in their meal a real action beyond taste, who value the health of the planet, but without giving up the delicacies that our region has to offer. The restaurant has a kitchen integrated into the lounge, which allows a more intimate dining experience.


Inside the Engenho Lodge, there is a large lounge and an internal patio with a long table and sofas. In this intimate and warm atmosphere, lunch is served in a self-service system: over the wood stove, rice, beans, farofa, finely chopped cabbage and other local delicacies. In the à la carte dinner, dishes from renowned chefs, such as Claude Troisgros and Pablo Oazen.

Due to the environmental impact caused by livestock, we do not serve beef. The meat is always sourced from local producers.

A curiosity: the design of the kitchen, with a checkered floor, was inspired by the cartoon Ratatouille.


The proposal is to be a place for gastronomic experimentalism based on three pillars: healthy, local and seasonal. Dishes are prepared with 90% local ingredients; and the one of greatest abundance is chosen as the star of the fortnight. One day it is beets, another day it could be broccoli. There are PANCs, flowers and meat (lamb and chicken) from local production. Located next to the vegetable garden and the mill, the restaurant is the perfect translation of the farm to table concept.


Located in an old Mogol general store that was renovated in 2018, is  Gaia Café. In a Farm to Table concept, here you can have a traditional coffee from the land and other foods produced on the farm. You can also take home some of the natural products from Gaia Produtos Ecológicos.

In addition, the space offers musical attractions, such as the piano concert on a Steinway from 1874.


Those staying at Spinoza or Epicuro can be served in their own house or in the new restaurant, which is also open to other guests. The airy, bright and rustic atmosphere complements the menu: Food from Minas Gerais made on a wood stove with freshly picked ingredients.