The Reserve

The project of Reserva do Ibitipoca first came up in 1981, with the acquisition of Engenho's Farm. The main goal was - and still is - to create spaces that would allow the development of wildlife, all connected to Ibitipoca State Park, a forest unit of about 2.500 acres. The hotel was only built almost 30 years later, in 2009. The idea of opening the space to tourists came from the desire of sharing the exhilarating local nature with people passionate about ecotourism, thus offering a unique and exclusive experience.



The Ibitipoca region, because of its altitude and geographical location, has many different biomes, such as Atlantic Forest, fields of high altitude, and Cerrado which results in an incredible range of biodiversity. This increases the importance of the region, which also encompasses the social and economic aspects. Therefore, the environmental work of Reserva do Ibitipoca involves prevention, protection, restoration and maintenance. There are endangered and endemic species that need our help to proliferate. For this, the natural habitat is being reconstituted through reforestation and the reintroduction of threatened species.



Staying at Reserva do Ibitipoca is like stepping back in time. Accommodations are located in the former headquarters of the Engenho Farm: a construction inspired by typical farmhouse archeticture of the eighteenth century and surrounded by open green areas at an altitude of 900 meters. A stay at Reserva do Ibitipoca will not feel like a normal holiday at a hotel, because we are not just a hotel. We hope you feel at home because we treat our space like our home. We foster an atmosphere that invites guests and friends to relax while listening to the sound of the birds and feeling the fresh farm air.



Reserva do Ibitipoca wants to produce what is served on our tables. Our menu is always prepared with that day’s freshest ingredients. Everything is prepared with care to cherish the local people and traditions. Food is an act of love and should be prepared with care, warmth, and charm. Our chef was personally trained by none other than Claude Troisgros and the dinner menu consists of his special dishes. The kitchen cherishs the local people and their traditions; breakfast and lunch are a special invitation to experience our land’s typical foods.



Reserva do Ibitipoca has a spa with a team of experienced therapists to promote authentic communion between man and nature. Every morning we offer a yoga class and there is also a range of massage and relaxation techniques such as Shiatsu, Reflexology, and Bambooterapia. These treatments are all inspired by natural elements found here and specially designed to envelop you in an atmosphere of charm and simplicity. We promote well-being through aromas, textures, and simple contact with nature.



When you explore our reserve that stretches across more than 4 thousand hectares of land, you will encounter a great diversity of landscapes, attractions and emotions. Altogether there are about 200km of trails that hide amazing discoveries. You can explore the reserve on foot, bike, horseback, or with a 4x4 vehicle. Every corner contains a surprising detail.



Reserva do Ibitipoca is proud of our community intiatives. These projects encourage the inclusion of local residents in actions to enrich the local culture and rescue traditions that are disappearing. Since our founding, we have always prioritized everything local from goods, to flavor, to architecture.



The reason Reserva do Ibitipoca stands out is our ability to offer extremely personalized service. We can adapt our historic structure according to your needs, be it incentive travel, business meetings, workshops, birthday or wedding celebrations. Depending on your tastes, we can create a truly charming event with musical performances, folk groups, sunset celebrations on the mountaintop, lunch in unusual locations, and unforgettable dinners in the moonlight.



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