Natural attractions, personalized tours, art installations, charming spas, and immersion circuits in nature are an invitation to delight and connect with yourself. Ibiti Projeto is a world!


With its characteristic rust color, the waters of Ibiti form rivers, lakes, waterfalls, and, when passing through canyons, beautiful rapids. Quartzite trails surround the river stretches, creating unusual Minas Gerais’ small beaches.


Renew your energy.

We take care of your body and mind with programs, classes or sessions always accompanied by qualified professionals to establish balance and well-being.



A screen installed on a plateau with a view of the surrounding mountains. With popcorn and a starry sky, fun at Cine Mazzaropi is guaranteed. The cultural program also includes weekly live music at Yucca Restaurant and a piano concert at Gaia Café.

CYCLE Around Ibiti Projeto

We created dozens of circuits for you to know, by bike, the beauties of the region and the points of interest. At Mogol Village and Engenho, we have e-bikes and experienced guides. With the assisted bicycle it is possible to travel long distances using sustainable energy.


In Engenho, you will find the bay with great mangalarga horses. From there, you can reach the Statues, the Mogol Village, or even schedule days of horseback riding to get to know the most remote areas of the Ibiti Projeto.

UNIQUE Moments

How about a champagne at sunset at Lago Negro? Or dinner by candlelight inside a cave? Picnic at the foot of the Statues is another possible dream. 

Providing experiences in beautiful settings to celebrate the beauty of life is our specialty!


By uniting distinct landscapes – Atlantic Forest and Rupestrian Filds – the region of Ibitipoca concentrates a wide diversity of flora and fauna. Especially birds: about 300 species have already been catalogued. Accompanied by a guide, there are outings at dawn to observe birds.