Gaia Ecological Products

One of the pillars of Ibiti Projeto is sustainability, which involves organic production of the food we consume here. The enterprise behind this production and benefit of this food is Gaia Produtos Ecológicos.

The organic production system of Ibiti Projeto is managed by Gaia Produtos Ecológicos LTDA. The enterprise already supplies our restaurants with fruits, vegetables, cereals, sugar cane, and juçara pulp. The production is 100% organic and some crops are of agroforestry origin. 

The guest can visit the plantations, vegetable gardens (in Engenho and Mogol), and the water mill near Engenho. In 2020 were harvested 2 tons of rice, 800 kg of beans and approximately 1.2 tons of corn.

Gaia and its collaborators produce jams and jellies, molasses, broth, and rapadura; flour and puba; cornmeal, canjiquinha, and bran. 

One of the products that stands out at Gaia is the fruit of the juçara palm tree, the “açaí of the Atlantic Forest”. At Gaia Café Encontro, in the Mogol Village, it is mixed with the local banana and topped with granola. 

Near Mogol are the greenhouses built in 2021, which ensure the production of organic products regardless of the weather, because some crops suffer greatly from rain, excessive heat or cold, or pests. Tomatoes, strawberries, peppers, cauliflower, broccoli and some leaves are grown there.

In the surroundings of the Engenho there are cereal crops, vegetable gardens and a water mill used for processing various foodstuffs.