The Commune

The commune began in 1984 with the purchase of the Fazenda do Engenho and today it covers over 5,000 hectares of previously degraded land of which 99% is currently in a process of ReWild: regeneration of native Atlantic forest, flora and fauna. We are an experimental socio-environmental project focused on the human being, and his home, our planet.

We provide a space for harmonious relationship-building between the human being and nature because we are certain that this connection in combination with respect for diversity, is the key to a brighter future.

The Commune’s more than 5,000 hectares extend through the municipalities of Lima Duarte, Bias Fortes and Santa Rita do Ibitipoca, which borders and serves as protective belt for the Ibitipoca State Park.

We are guided by the welfare of the people and the planet. We aim to create a fertile environment for happiness to flourish, and we believe that this must be done holistically, involving the fauna, flora and local communities.

We base our work on one goal from the Agenda 21: “embrace sustainability to change the direction of environmentally predatory and socially exclusionary global economic growth”. We reflect on global issues and act locally to spread a collective consciousness that the future depends on each one of us.