We believe that we don’t only offer good food, but an experience. Food isn’t just a chance to revel in the pleasure of flavors, textures, aromas, new flavors… it is a social gathering and it is, above all, health. Food should do good for the body, the community, and the universe. We try to make sure all meals are an opportunity to enjoy local flavors, culture, and life.


Our chef Marly is an attraction in itself. With her beautiful shy smile and firey eyes, she left the countryside when she was eight years old to work in the city. Today, she is one of our oldest employees and now one of the owners of the hotel. Marly went to Rio de Janeiro to be trained by the renowned chef Claude Troigross; since then she continues to surprise us with her incredible flavors based on her culture and education. Marly is helped by other cooks who have interesting stories about their culinary backgrounds. Some even remember using a stool to climb up and help their mother’s stir the pots. It is in this spirit of our cooks’ stories and experiences that inspire us to decorate the table with our culture and our local resources.


Our goal is to adapt to what we produce so that 100% of the ingredients placed on the table are produced by us. Today we produce about about twenty-seven different fruits and fourty-six vegetables. We want to produce what we consume with sustainable techniques such as agroforestry. Agroforestry is a soil smart technique that thinks not only of the next six months, but also the next 10 to 15 years. Instead of monoculture, we opted for mixed farming that plants different species in the same plot of land. Seeds are planted according to how they will interact with their neighbors, for example the shade from one species can protect another.  This makes it possible to cultivate fruit trees alongside sugarcane, vegetables, and lumber. This technique prevents the arrival of invasive plants, creepers and pests and therefore does not need the use of chemicals to fight these evils. Also, we have a beautiful garden and greenhouse, where all guests are invited to see and gather food for your meal.


We produce much of what we serve; our menu is always prepared with the day’s freshest ingredientes. Everything is done with great care to honor the local people’s traditions. Our chefs are full of warmth and charm and serve a dinner menu that highlights the dishes of the wonderful chef Claude Troisgros. The best part is that our options change every day and with every season; after all surprise is the best part of any experience!

The complimentary breakfast is an invitation to experience food typical of our land. Some of the delights we offer are: warm corn bread, cheese bread, homemade cakes, donuts, cookies, farm eggs, strong coffee, fresh milk from our cows and goats. Lunch is served on the restaurant’s wooden stove and always highlights delicious homemade recipes. To whet your palate, some of the lunch dishes we offer are: roast suckling pig, jerk chicken, chicken with brown sauce, pork ribs, leg of lamb, tutu, polenta with sausage, banana farofa, mashed potatoes, soufflés, cabbage, kale, yams, okra and spinach. A meal is not complete without desert, some of the local cusine’s famous sweets that are prepared in-house are: guava and cheese, sweet milk, lemon mousse, condensed milk pudding, rice pudding and regional fruit salads. Dinner is a very special event. It can be served with a la carte menu at Engenho’s restaurant, but can also be arranged in many different and exotic places, such as under a century-old Jabuticabeira. Dining beneath a billion stars is truly paradise.