Gastronomy is one of the main aspects of the experience. Aiming at preserving and balancing the planet, we have chosen to decrease the supply of animal protein on our menus, and most of the food offered is produced locally, organically. There are 4 dining options with different proposals located in our space to serve the guests of the Commune.

Engenho Restaurant

This is the closest option for Engenho guests, a large lounge with over 30 seats in the heart of the Lodge. For lunch, a buffet of Minas Gerais food is served on the wood stove, and dinner follows a menu created by renowned chef Claude Troisgros.

Odete’s Health Bistro

“Dona Odete’s Bistro” refers to a typical ranch and is close to the central food production site. The typical food from Minas Gerais is made on the wood stove, which comes from the freshest of the garden, as well as rice and beans that are also grown here. The animal protein option is present on Wednesdays.


Located in Mogol, Yucca is a Plant Based restaurant, the first 100% vegetarian in the Commune. Maintains a complete nutritional profile with substitutes and a varied choice of dishes. The open kitchen ensures a more intimate experience as it allows the guest to view the food being prepared and interact with the staff during the process.

Grotao Farm

A farm near Mogol, where residents open their doors to welcome visitors with delicious mining food made on the wood stove. Meals made by Dona Regina have a choice of animal protein from the region every day. The farm also has an alembic where Mr. Laércio produces a much-appreciated organic cachaça.

Remote meals and mise en place

In addition to restaurants, guests also have the option of dining in various places in the Commune. We organize picnics, lunches and special dinners at waterfalls, statues or white sand to complement the experience.

For those staying in homes and lofts with kitchens, they are offered the option of receiving a mise en place with all the ingredients already cut and with instructions so that they can finish the recipe with their own hands. A perfect option for those who like to cook!