The Village category is geared towards those who want to experience life in an interior community such as Mogol: a charming village inhabited by only 22 people, surrounded by 4 waterfalls within the Commune itself. Locals talking in the square, traditional celebrations, dogs and children playing in the street, birds singing in the morning… all this and much more compose the atmosphere and make Mogol a special place. Currently the site is undergoing works aimed at improvements for guests, staff and local community. community

Freud Loft

The exterior adapts perfectly to the simplicity and delicacy of the town’s characteristic buildings, while the interior reveals a totally relaxed atmosphere with the psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud theme. Furniture, decorative and literary elements set references to famous concepts such as sexuality, unconsciousness and ego, as well as reflecting their personal tastes.

Humboldt Loft

Humboldt Loft was built using the traditional stick-to-stick technique. The bedroom is integrated with the kitchen and living room, forming a unique and cozy atmosphere, while the attached bathroom has a view of the mountains and a delicious bathtub.