The proposal of accommodation in “remote places” is ideal for those seeking privacy and connection with nature. Discover an experience that can transform your life, bringing you closer to its essence and creating a deep reflection on your relationship with our planet.

Areião House

Cozy house in the middle of the mountains, with the most beautiful view and dawn of the Ibitipoca Commune. The different possibilities of fulfilling the 26km route from Engenho, make the place an ideal destination, both for those seeking peace, as well as for adventurers who like riding bike or horse.

Access is by bicycle, horse or 4 × 4 vehicles. During very rainy periods, there is a possibility that the car will not reach the site, so that the last kilometer needs to be completed on foot.

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Isgoné Loft

“Isgoné” is an affectionate reference to the residents’ pronunciation of the original name Eagle’s Nest. A refuge with an impressive 360 ​​° view located at the highest point of the Commune, almost 1,500 meters above sea level. Enjoy sunrise and sunset and the moon in a restricted access location.

Access is via a 6km trail that can be done on horseback, on foot or by bike.

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