Reserva do Ibitipoca’s luxury is found in the simplicity of every detail. Our facilities operate in the former headquarters of the Engenho Farm, a renovated mansion and surrounded by green area at an altitude of 900m. Our suites feature unique décor composed of handicrafts that highlight the local culture, king-size beds, Egyptian cotton bedding, Victorian baths, amenities of the Brazilian company Trousseau, and heated towels and floor.


  • There are 8 suites in the main house where meals are served;
  • exclusive restaurant for guests that highlight regional cuisine;
  • TV room with DVDs;
  • Wine cellar;
  • Spa;
  • Sauna and Jacuzzi;
  • Mangalarga and Anglo-Arab Horses;
  • Private airstrip approved by DAC (Civil Aviation Department) (Restrictions apply, please inquire before use)

Engenho’s Farm

This traditional farmhouse was founded in 1715 and is now the headquarters of Reserva do Ibitipoca, which was rebuilt in 2006 and maintains its original characteristics. There are no televisions in the rooms; we invite you to forget the outside world and live each moment intensely while you are here.


A typical farmhouse that was fully restored in 2013 and has three excellent suites. The largest is 70m2 and faces our postcard, Hawk’s Rock. All rooms have heated towel racks and bathroom flooring. They are decorated with authentic mineiro art. This house offers complete privacy and stunning views and is located only 100 meters from the main house. This lodging is for small groups and families who crave more privacy.



Inspired by traditional wooden shacks, this house is located just 100 meters from the main house, situated alongside the edge of a stream and overlooking the lake. It is a large house with beautiful balconies. It is the most exclusive lodging option on the reserve because it has only one suite.


Benjamin and Zico

These two lodges are located on the mountain and provide private opportunities to connect to nature. There are two houses located 100m from each other; each have two bedrooms and are normally rented to the same group. They are very simple and small and rely on alternative energy sources; this can limit the luxury but is consistent with our sustainability principles. They are located 2 kilometers from the main house and are accessible only by 4 × 4 vehicles, especially in the rainy season. Only available for rent for special occassions.