A barn that was typical to mineiro farms was transformed into an inviting spa with beautiful views of the forests and Hawk’s Rock. You can do yoga in the mornings and there are a variety of of massage and relaxation techniques available. These treatments are all inspired by natural elements found here and specially designed to envelop you in an atmosphere of charm and simplicity. We promote well-being through aromas, textures, and simple contact with nature.


One of our more popular treatments is the Ibitipoca Massage, which combines Eastern and Western techniques that suit the needs of each person. The application of this massage is easily customizable. In addition, our therapists are free to employ a variety of methods to maximize the guest’s relaxation, such as Shiatsu, Bambooterapia, Reflexology, among others.


In our Spa you can also sample herbal teas that guests can select fresh from our unique garden. The teas are freshly brewed on the wooden stove and are served during a relaxing foot bath. Your first spa experience is this authenthic communion between people, nature, and peace.