We can adapt our historic structure according to your needs, be it trips through an incentive program, business meetings, workshops, birthday or wedding celebrations. A guest can close the hotel for their exclusive use with the rental of our eight suites, Paiol, and Carlinhos. If necessary, we can increase our accomadations to better serve the needs of your group.

Depending on your tastes, we can create a truly charming event with musical performances, folk groups, sunset celebrations on the mountaintop, lunch in unusual locations, and unforgettable dinners in the moonlight.

No doubt, this is an unique opportunity to invite your exclusive group for intimate celebrations or business meetings in natural settings. Enjoy access to all of our services, from authentic dining options, spa services, outdoor activities, and unusual experiencies in special places that will make any meeting enjoyable and unforgettable.


Would you like a wedding celebration with everyone gathered around the large table, where they feel like they are on the family farm? We provide an informal setting full of love and care. We have developed our environment to nuture these feelings. If you want to ‘wow’ your group with a special surprise, we recommend a local orchestra of young instruments that play a range of music from Brazilian classics to the Beatles and Rolling Stones.

If you seek a more romantic environment for an intimate celebration, we can organize dinners and special evenings in the most unusual places where you will both be surprised by the mountain’s starry sky.

For the partygoers, we have a variety of places where you can dance the night away with a DJ artist accompanied by a sacophonist. These events can happen on the mountaintop, alongside a waterfall, and other settings tucked away in pristine nature.

For more details, contact our team.


Imagine having a business meeting surrounded by nature and exclusive access to all of our services: outdoor activities, spa treatments, and esquisite dining options. This combination of elements maximazes a group’s concentration, don’t be surprised if it ends up being your company’s most productive team meeting.  Our goal is to provide not only adequate structure for the meeting but an environment that encourages the free flow of ideas and conservation.


Have you ever dreamed of celebrating love in a colonial veranda, amid white horses and birds flying over the edge of a lake or waterfall? Or maybe you dreamed of capturing the picture-perfect kiss at sunset or under the milky way? Here at Reserva do Ibitipoca, you can take this dream one step further. We can offer special programing for the eager couple to create the perfect weekend wedding

We can make your wedding a perfect weekend and a very special programming. We want you to begin your life as a married couple with positive energy and remarkable memories. We offer: a beautiful, light, tasteful and joyful celebration, which goes beyond 1 to 4-hour long celebration parties – You can have three special days to honor love in its most sublime form. In these situations, you can bring the team you want to work with but we can also suggest a number of good local help. Here, you have more than 4,000 hectares to explore your wedding creativity and surprise your guests.