When you explore our reserve that stretches across more than 4 thousand hectares of land, you will encounter a great diversity of landscapes, attractions and emotions. Reserva do Ibitipoca, is located squarely inside the Atlantic Forest but has pockets of different environments, such as fields of high altitudes and rocky planes. Every expedition, our guests will encounter breathtaking landscapes. Altogether there are over 200km of trails that can lead you to stunning landscapes and pristine waterfalls.


We offer two daily guided walking tours included with your stay. Our most popular destinations are:

  • Water circuit
  • Sitting Armadillo Rock
  • Swallow’s Cave
  • Hawk’s Cave


In addition to the guided foot tours already included with your stay, there are additional activities if you prefer to hire a private guide to accompany you on a tour by bike, horseback, or 4 × 4 car. Other activities also available are:

  • Visit the community of Mogol
  • A long ride with lunch at the Boa Vista Farm
  • A two-day long trek around the Ibitipoca State Park
  • Visit the Ibitipoca State Park and Village of Conceição do Ibitipoca
  • Adventure down the Swallow Canyon
  • Slip and slide down the rocks to the Golden Spoon Waterfall
  • Visit the Muriqui Sanctuary in Caratinga
  • Bird watching
  • Cooking classes